A Blockchain based next-generation global media advertising network


A Blockchain based next-generation global media advertising network

Advertisers, Ads generators, Publishers, and Consumers are now connected within the eco-system in an innovative way.

MediaLink builds a token-based, future-oriented, distributed media advertisement eco-system, which deeply merges traditional media and mobile internet media powered by the Blockchain technology, thereby making it possible to provide quantifiability and reliability to the traditional advertising scenarios.

The problem to solve

Today's challenges for traditional advertisement

  • Data isolation island generated by centralized media distribution channels.
  • Ads value cannot be measured and evaluated quantitatively.
  • Interest is not fairly distributed which hinders the creation of closed-loop eco-system.

Our solution

MediaLink creates a Blockchain based peer-to-peer network connecting Advertisers, Ads generators and Consumers on top of a highly efficient, swift and transparent data exchange protocol, which redefines transaction and effect evaluation methods within the Ads distributions.

With the help of Media Value Pact Token (MVPT), a crypto digital token issued by MediaLink Foundation, MediaLink platform gives new value to each member in the eco-system. For instance, Advertisers can set value of each view from consumer; Ad generators and Publishers can get insights about effectiveness of the Ads based on data mining, and then further optimize the offerings to gain premiums; Consumers can get rewarding tokens by spending their effort and attention on reading the Ads or share the Ads on their social media network.

Business Model_en

The MediaLink platform has been constructed on a decentralized architecture to ensure a fair return of rights to the audience and eliminate effect from junk, low-valued and untrustable Ad on the market.

About Us

Core Team


Kecheng Zhu

  • Vice President of one of the largest newspaper in China
  • Senior Vice Presiden of AectiveTech (NEEQ:833551)
  • Senior Manager of Baibu Business Unit
  • 15 years media and advertisement industry experience and rich media/brand resource
kevin zhang

Kevin Zhang

  • EMBA, Stockholm School of Economy
  • Partner & Co-founder, SinceUs AB
  • Multiple years experience with company strategy, business development, senior administration in both startups and multiples
  • General manager, company strategy and business development, Burenstam & Partners Sweden
  • Partner, Kron, 1st Norwegian intelligent internet investment platform

Yvonne Wu

  • MSc of Information Security, Royal Institute of Technology
  • BSc of Computer Science, BSc of International Enterprise Management
  • Over 12 years product development and senior management experience
  • Senior manager of the largest European online gaming company, in charge of developing several large online gaming platforms

Kenn Kong

  • Partner of Geekbeans Capital
  • Serial entrepreneur in new media and marketing industry served many Fortune 500 company clients
  • Digital Asset Investor, succeeded in several blockchain projects with multiple times profit return
david ding

David Ding

  • MSc of Electrical Engineering, Embedded System, Royal Institute of Technology
  • BSc of Computer Engineering
  • Early employer of European's largest online payment solution company.
  • Senior backend architect and computer system engineer with over 10 years experience designing and developing high performance, high availability backend system. Currently with focus in fin-tech, smart contract, and blockchain etc related technologies.

Nan Wang

  • MSc of Electrical Engineering, Robotics Engineering, Royal Institute of Technology
  • BSc of Automation System
  • Senior front-end mobile APP developer, leading several front-end development teams in different tech unicorn companies in Stockholm
  • Technical founder, United Eyes, 1st APP security monitor platform in Nordic areas.



Yiyun Zhang

  • Partner of Geekbeans Capital
  • Founder of
  • Digital Asset Investor, portfolio including Maya Miner, Syex, MCC, etc

Junjie Ding

  • Head of China National Advertisement Research School
  • Deputy Director of Academic Committee at Communication University of China
  • Professor at Communication University of China and Former Vice-Chancellor
  • Vice president of China Advertising Association of Commerce
  • Independent Director of Airmedia, SinoMedia and Guangdong Advertising
sebatian broms

Sebastian Broms

  • Senior digital strategists with 16+ years of experience within the digital industry.
  • Extensive experience within digital business development, tech and e-commerce.
  • Founder and Chairman of international awarded agency Oakwood Creative Digital Agency.
  • Chairman and co-founder of e-commerce consultancy firm Beyond Retail.
  • Awarded internationally in Webby Awards, Eurobest, Lovie Awards etc.





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